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pockets of air

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random thoughts
I've taken from letters, emails, my journal entries,
all written over the past few years...

dedicated to the gods, the goddesses, the angels, the muses -- the force --- holding us all together!



through my kitchen window
framed with wind-whipped
whiteness, I watch
the morning rise

wind chimes, twisted
thump and ring a greeting
to the morning, a melody
awkwardly beautiful

I stand
in silent observation,

ohhh, how the simple joys
of a common day
fill my heart
with sweet serenity...!

gee cobain, 2005



I sleep on a cloud
through dreams
reserved for you

my love,
just call out to me
and I will come
to you

when I do,
wrap yourself around me,
cradle me
in the warmth of you


gee cobain, 2005


" searching " cannot bring us closer to our paradise...


we must first acknowledge, honor, and take responsibility for our present circumstances.

here, we are blessed with the power to create our heaven on earth.




there is nothing to do here

nothing to accomplish
nothing to achieve
no expectations, and
no assignment to complete

no instructions to follow
no direction to go in
no map to refer to, and
no road to travel on

no goal to attain
no prize to win
no reward to claim, and
no deadline to meet

with the veil lifted,
with cares and fears and beliefs and perceptions
momentarily suspended,
I look around and see my world
for the first time

and I can't help but notice
that there is nothing to do here

no meaning
no purpose
no point, and
no reason for being


I create one

there is nothing to do
but to decide who I am,
to become who I am, and
to be who I am,
according to me

so, with crayon in hand,
I color my world...

with nobody to impress
and nobody to blame,
it's up to me to choose carefully,
and to accept responsibility
as my choices, my colors
are continually reflected
all around me

and I give thanks
for these new eyes,
for this perception of the meaningless,
of the nothingness of it all...

for it is here
that I am able to see

gee cobain, 2004



" I will cross that bridge when I come to it..."

I came to the bridge again.
but this time, I came with a new understanding --
the decision to cross or not to cross
was entirely up to me.

and it was here that I realized
how some bridges aren't necessarily meant
to be crossed.

perhaps they are simply meant
to be noticed,
appreciated, and

maybe they are meant
to remind us that there is another way.
not necessarily a way 'worse than' or 'better than'...
just a way, 'other than'.

and so, I came to the bridge again.
this time,
I didn't stumble across blindly, ignorantly.
this time,
I didn't run across fearfully, filled with regret.
this time,
I didn't storm across heroically, with the tenacity
and strength of a dedicated warrior.

this time,
I stopped.

I stood quietly, silently

suspending judgment,
and observing,
until my next step became
undeniably clear.

I turned to take the footpath around,
taking the long way.

I just never imagined
that a decision 'not to cross'
could become the most important
decision of all...

gee cobain, 2004


all art, photos, and writing displayed on this site
are original creations
by me, gee cobain
(unless otherwise noted)

~ all rights reserved ~